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Carrier Change Fees:

One-time fee per carrier change as indicated below.  There are no additional service order charges or monthly fees.
Interlata-Carrier - 1st change after initial installation - Free
All other changes - $5.50 one-time charge
Intralata-Carrier - $5.00 for changing anytime
Combo Pic Discount - $7.75
Restricted Pick* - No Charge

Long Distance Carrier Selections:

If you have already signed up for Restricted Pick for Long Distance Carrier and have previously entered a password question and answer into our system, then please enter your password and question below.  Otherwise, a representative from our office will contact you to confirm your request to change your long distance carrier.

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Please indicate your preferred long distance carrier.  A carrier MUST be selected for each type of Lata.  For a detailed explanation of InterLata and IntraLata, please check the white page information section in the front of your local phone book or Click Here:  InterLata and IntraLata Info

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Add Restricted PIC for Long Distance Carrier (RPIC):

A free option that prevents your long distance carrier choice from being changed unless you either call the business office and request a change, or fill out the on-line form providing the correct password for this action.

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